Monday, June 22, 2020

Civil war, plague, and other things...

Very little blogging of late.  I've been busy with other things, and in the current clime there's a bit of danger in saying things that the wrong people deem the wrong thing.  But they can't be satisfied, so to hell with them.

My main worry that has limited my commentary is that Unforeseen Contingencies might be taken down.  The platform's proprietor has been working with China's Communist Party to build China's "social credit" system, and has offered to institute a similar system here, all in the name of fighting viral infections, of course.  That's why they call a proposal for government financing of tracing schemes H.R. 6666.  In short, when they got rid of "don't be evil" I think they meant it.  Oh well, on to our subject.

There's not a great deal to say about our current debacle.  In the United States we are in a hot civil war.  Minneapolis burned.  To a lesser extent, so have New York and Washington DC and other places.  Seattle harbors a breakaway "people's republic."  Those trying to overthrow our current constitutional order have attacked around the country (and abroad, the target is Western Civilization and Capitalism, the U.S. is simply the main instantiation of these noble ideas).  Black Lies Matter is a marxist organization, founded and run by self-described marxist organizers.  (See video starting about 6:40.)  Antifa is an international marxist organization.  They receive support  from the likes of George Soros (see Tides & Ruckus, then search them), and other "progressive" donors, the Democrat Party, and foreign governments.  We're at war, but only one side is fighting

Either that will change, and both (or multiple) sides will fight, or the marxists will simply win by default.  In the latter case, I do not expect that the marxists will rule, because I suspect many of their enablers have something else in mind.

Regardless, I think we are in the last of Heinlein's "Crazy Years."  Things are coming to a head.

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