Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Halftime for America?

"We" here at Unforeseen Contingencies have been contemplating a post on why maybe things could be looking up (!) for the U.S. and the world, inspired by the Syrian debacle, of things. We'll probably get around to that, but in the meantime just noticed something we'd not seen earlier. (That's right, no Superbowl TV for us.) Since many of our readers are not Americans and might not have seen it either, we'll post it here... an ad for Chrysler Motors that ran during the Superbowl halftime.

Great stuff! I make no comment about Chrysler products, or bailouts, or anything like that -- none needed. This is just good for the spirit.

It would be nice to leave it at this, but of course, a number of GOP conservative leaders are deeply offended by the ad...e.g.Karl Rove. After all, Chrysler, bailout, socialism, all that...

Where were these "capitalists" when George W. Bush bailed out Chrysler and everything else left and right?

(Note to Joan Walsh: in the ad, Clint Eastwood sounds nothing like Barack Obama... he sounds like Ronald Reagan.)

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