Wednesday, November 09, 2022


 Pakistan beats New Zealand in World Cup Cricket.

I do not understand cricket (My knowledge is almost entirely derived from Lagaan) but I gather this is a big deal.  It even exceeds America's elections (yesterday) in importance.  

New Zealand only scored 152-4 with 20 overs against Pakistan's 153-3 with 19.1 overs.  I don't understand a score that requires three different metrics, but the numbers are close so I imagine this was very exciting to people who understand what is going on.

Cricket is a perfect metaphor for America's elections.  Hardly anyone (perhaps no one) understands what is really going on, but we can see it all is sufficiently close that it's exciting.  Last night I spoke on WRFH radio about the election returns and what they mean.  The returns are close, but how to interpret?  The people have spoken?  Everyone is confused?  Cheating?  

My primary point in the radio interview was that battles over the institutional framework are far more important than these elections.  My two examples were control over the teacher training in schools of higher ed and the role of the federal bureaucracy in making law.  Teacher training was first taken over by Progressives in the the early 1900s, and subsequently by cultural Marxists.  As a result, the government education system is populated by leftists.  Meanwhile, the unelected and largely unchecked federal bureaucracy makes most of our laws via regulation.

Electing new officials solves this iff they are willing to fight these things to the death.  In general, that does not describe Republicans (nor Democrats).  It makes a difference which party wins, because they do legislate, but the big picture is elsewhere.  It's like cricket, maybe - it is part of the score, but it's probably the overs or the unders or the wickets or something...not the main part of the score.  

And regardless, the only political value that matters is liberty, and that is ultimately up to us individuals and no one else.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Democrats Go Totalitarian!

I missed blogging on Joe Biden's* infamous Philadelphia speech, in which he declared half of the American public fascists, just as I'll miss his DC speech tonight. The man is clearly suffering from dementia, and whatever it is they pump into him for these appearances seems to enrage him, although a friend of mine says demonic possession ought not be ruled out. (Frankly, I'm not sure there's any  fundamental difference, from the country's perspective.) Besides, we already know what this staged event is about; the above Washington Post "breaking news" headline tells us what we are supposed to "think." An insane drug-abusing nudist-activist leftist either broke into or was invited into the Pelosi household hit and Paul Pelosi with a hammer while police officers watched, and therefore all of us who point to all the evidence that the 2020 election involved substantial cheating are "threats to democracy and safety."

Meanwhile, it's now clear that the federal government has worked closely with social media companies to suppress ideas, facts, and viewpoints that the federal administrative state, Democrats, and leftists in general do not like.  The FBI is making political arrests of conservatives, and harassing and threatening people such as  Donald Trump and Mike Lindell, and "disappeared" at least one less high profile person.

So... a party with executive power that controls the bureaucracy, demonization of all who dissent from the party line as literal enemies, suppression and censorship, a proto-KGB... we do seem to have the early stages of Soviet-style governance developing.  These sorts of things are foreign to most Americans' experiences, and it is hard for people to wrap their heads around unless they experience it directly.  But it is remarkably dangerous and unchecked it leads to totalitarianism.  And like the Soviet Union, we are also on the path to economic disaster, by committing to serious energy shortages, fiscal insanity, and monetary chaos.  Oil and gas investment is nearly zero, interest payments on the federal debt are on track to surpass defense spending this year, and the Federal Reserve is now taking losses, a rare thing, and prospects for reversing that are poor.  Welcome to the USSR.

I have no predictions for the upcoming elections.  It certainly appears that the Democrats are on track for a crushing electoral defeat (good grief, they are so desperate they are running a brain-damaged man for Senate in Pennsylvania!) but then there's the astonishing lack of security and control over ballots and vote tabulation that we now have.  Things that are now considered "best practices" by Democrats -- no ID, mass mailings of unsecured ballots, vote harvesting, acceptance of cast ballots that arrive after the election is over, etc. -- were the kinds of things that would be obvious attempts to cheat for anyone serious about an honest election... and would be violations of law under the training I received and oath I took as an Election Judge.

If the Republicans take both houses of Congress, I'm not sure I expect much.  I'm not sure whether enough of them have awakened to the danger we face.  The last time the Republican Party held both houses, they also held the Presidency, and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell made sure they didn't do much of anything, other than block President Trump.  With Brandon in the White House, they have a ready-made excuse to accomplish nothing.  It would still be desirable since the it would block the Democrat Party from passing terrible laws, it won't reverse our headlong charge toward totalitarianism, just slow it.  And left won't sit by, but will raise hell and plot revenge for when they return to power.  That's one possibility.

A better outcome would be that Republicans begin by impeaching and convicting as many administration officials as they can, including Brandon himself.   They had better understand we are in a fight for our lives and liberty, and if we lose, we lose them.

* He wasn't really elected and he's not the real President.

Thursday, October 27, 2022


Thursday, September 01, 2022

Mikhail Gorbachev - "Out, damn spot!"

The last Soviet dictator has died.

In the West there's been a certain amount of lamenting his demise. I haven't followed developments in Russia but I'm guessing there's a lot less Gorbachev nostalgia there. Frankly, it's hard for me to think a well-informed person would think he was some sort of great man who should be mourned, regardless of one's values. He was a failure... by his own standards, by Western (classical) liberal standards, and by Soviet standards. He was a dictator and a thug... sure, much less thuggish than the other Soviet dictators, but being "not quite as evil" is not exactly a virtue.

I'm surprised at some of the reactions I've seen from people who should know better.  There's a silly and somewhat shameful piece on the usually sensible Powerline blog, with the usually sensible John Hinderaker lamenting his passing.  I object in several places in the comments, but like a fool billygoat I used a nom de web.  One would have to know a bit of Russian to ferret out these comments.

My friend Jane Shaw also disappointed with a piece on her usually good "Jane Takes on History" blog.  "Was Mikhail Gorbachev a Hero? Yes."

No!  He was an unrepentant communist dictator!  I left a number of comments on the blog, rebutting Jane and the usually superb Constitutional law expert Rob Natelson.  What are they thinking?

I can only think that these people are simply lamenting a fictional image created by Western media.  People of the former USSR, ranging from Soviet apologists to anti-Soviet liberals and nationalists, have nothing but contempt for this defunct man.  He was anti-liberal, pro-communist, a murderer, and an incompetent by everyone's standards.  He was simply a failure, the last failed leader of a failed system and a failed empire... 

The Kyiv Post published the best analysis of him that I've seen.  It's really worth your time.

Mikhail Gorbachev -- "Spot," -- good riddance!

Friday, August 19, 2022

Jordan Peterson on ESG and the Great Reset

 Don't miss this.

Three-letter notes

 Greetings, dear readers!  Some short notes on current events:

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is proof of the agency's politicization.  The FBI is no longer in the law enforcement business, it's in the business of enforcing a particular political viewpoint and crushing those who disagree.  An example is the FBI harassment of parents in Virginia who were upset that local schools have been promoting transgenderism.  It particularly should be noted that the FBI unit that organized the Mar-a-Lago raid is the Crossfire Hurricane bunch that intentionally used disinformation to try to frame President Trump for "Russian collusion."  The FBI is dangerous, should be abolished, everyone in it who can be criminally prosecuted should be prosecuted, and the rest banished for life from all government positions and law enforcement.  How do you spell FBI?  К-Г-Б

Speaking of dangerous three-letter acronyms, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance standards) threaten to become an increasingly deadly threat.  This milquetoast description from Deloitte doesn't reveal how sinister they are.  They are to be substitutes for profit-loss accounting in judging business performance, i.e. "measuring" whether business activities meet goals for climate, hiring according to race/sex/LGBTQ etc. status, and conformity to any other standards imposed by external parties.  It's a kind of central planning, and a tool for imposing cultural Marxism and similar bad things.  It should be stopped and entirely eliminated.  This is something yours truly is working on.  I'll post more on this, including a Jordan Peterson takedown of this poison (see video in next post above).

In keeping with our three letter theme, let's not forget the establishment wing of the GOP.  With crushing defeat of the Wicked Witch of Wyoming, Liz Cheney, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced his surrender; he intends to yield control of the Senate to the Democrat Party in the upcoming election.  Why?  He's PO'd that the Republican base doesn't like the establishment candidates and is selecting candidates who have some principles and appear willing to fight, so he intends to punish Republican voters by losing.  That's almost how he put it himself.  I warned a number of people that the "red wave" talk was nonsense, that between the Republican establishment throwing the elections and that Dems cheating, there'd be no such thing.  The GOPe: almost makes a guy wish for the violent purge NSA & CIA director Michael Hayden suggests is called for.

These things are horrible.  Is there no nice three-letter news? Why, yes, there is!  AOC is in the news!  She has received the coveted Donald J. Trump endorsement!

Trump 2024!

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Happy Hiroshima Day!

"He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword."  Happy Hiroshima Day! Seventy-seven years ago today the United States Army Air Corps B-29 bomber Enola Gay dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima, helping to bring World War II to a close. In doing so, the crew, and the people who sent them, saved many lives and finished off an evil regime. This is something to be celebrated. 

Many lives were saved, of course, because the estimates were that the invasion of Japan would result in one million casualties for the Allies.  That the Japanese regime was evil is beyond question. At the Japanese concentration camp Unit 731, the Japanese engaged in brutal medical experiments that rivaled the worst of the Nazis.  The Japanese also tortured prisoners of war to death as "medical experiments.  Early in the war (1937, before the war had spread to in Europe) the Japanese committed the "rape of Nanjing" in which 300,000 some Chinese civilians were slaughtered for sport, tens of thousands of women raped before being butchered, and all sorts of unspeakable horrors were perpetrated by the Japanese.  Back in Japan, the events were covered in the news.  In her book The Rape of Nanking, Iris Chang documents how a major Japanese newspaper kept daily box score on a competition between two Japanese officers to see who could murder more civilians.

Seventy-seven years ago today, this kind of evil received a justified response.  Those who whine that the civilians of Hiroshima weren't responsible are wrong.  The Japanese people knew their regime.  They weren't fighting to overthrow it.  For Curtis LeMay, Harry Truman, and the other decision makers, it was far more urgent to save American military lives and end the war than to worry about enemy civilians in Hiroshima.  They were correct.

My father was a USN pilot who commanded a PBY-6A.  My Aunt Johane was a U.S. Army nurse who had landed on Normandy Beach and had helped victims of Nazi concentration camps.  Both had received orders to start packing for the invasion of Japan when the news came of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  My father and Aunt were thrilled with the news.  Now take a look at the photos on this site.  You too should be thrilled this regime was brought to an end.


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Beaverhead 55K 2022: Race Report!

 Greetings, fair readers!  On July 9th I completed my 57th ultramarathon, the Beaverhead 55K, in the rough vicinity of Salmon, Idaho.  The race itself starts at Lemhi Pass on the Montana-Idaho border, and runs along the Continental Divide until it finally drops off into Idaho and finishes in cow pasture near Salmon.  It's a spectacular race, and the hardest course I have ever run.  This was my third time there.  I was on track to PR the course but a lightning storm delayed me a bit.  Still, I was roughly an hour faster than last year.  Many thanks to RD Dave Tarkalson and all the many crew and other volunteers who make this great event possible.  I'm already prepping for next year!

Photos (click on each for expanded view):

Me, Christina T., and Steve B. at start. I was supposed to run with them, but both had problems that slowed them and I was really on track, finished almost two hours ahead. Steve and I ran the second half together last year. This year was his fifth finish.

Burn area.

Another burn area.

Leslie and Ashlee from Salmon. I ran with them quite a bit over toughest parts of the course.

Course at 10,000' (3030 meters).

Me, Leslie, and Ashlee crossing cornice. We had just seen lightning both ahead and to west of us.

Apparently I am enjoying this.

More of the course. The steep side is Montana.

Last mile. Just because you're off the mountain doesn't mean there are no more obstacles.

Post-race! Christine and Steve, plus Steve's daughter Meredith, there as support.

Post-race breakfast. I camp in the back of my truck at the finish. This is the perfect start to the morning.

Sunrise over the divide.

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