Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Unforeseen Contingencies is back!


After something of a hiatus, "we're" back! Because of restrictions imposed by the overlords at google, "we" can't analyze our 2020 predictions nor make predictions for 2021. The evil overlords will not allow free discussions of the election nor of Wuhan flu, which is relevant, so that will have to wait until we have a new blog platform. But in the meantime, there's much we can say that doesn't fall yet under the purview of the big tech censors...yet. So... back in action. See our tribute to Rush Limbaugh (below).

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I've deleted five "comments" on this post that are all advertising escorts in Pakistan. I'm leaving this one up, because I checked the link, and it goes to a website that has some of the most astonishing prose I've ever read. For example:

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Wow! And that's not the craziest of it. I'm reminded of Pedro Carolino's magnificent English as She is Spoke. Yes, magnificent!
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