Friday, October 19, 2018

A Party of Evil?

Dems, BACK OFF!  And WALK AWAY!  The behavior of many members of today's Democrat Party is astonishingly evil.  I would welcome the opportunity to debate them rationally.  But leaders of the party and high profile supporters explicitly state an intent to hurt those who disagree with them, rather than reason with them.  Hilliary Clinton, the Dems' would-be president, says Dems will not treat others civilly until the Dems return to power (yes, just imagine how civil they'll be if they have power...lack of power is the only reason they behave badly).  Maxine Waters urges Dems to "get in their faces," and not allow opponents a moment of peace when eating in restaurants, pumping gas, shopping, or sleeping at home.  One of Steven Colbert's writers brags about Brett Kavanaugh "Whatever happens, I'm just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh's life."  Eric Holder urges Dems to "kick" their opponents.  I suppose that could be mere metaphor, but given the harassment and violence perpetrated by the left, I suspect otherwise.

The talk of violence from the Dems is serious.  One does not say these things unless initiating violence is on one's mind. People who speak this way must never have power.  They cannot be trusted.  Their language is less for others than for themselves.  I fear they are revealing what's inside them.

I keep the Mike Vanderboegh quote on my masthead because it defines the line we must not allow them to cross.  Mike was a peaceful man, but he understood peace and freedom require a willingness to defend them.  "Don't tread on me" is serious.  Laissez-nous faire.

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