Thursday, April 06, 2017

Three Quick Observations and a comment

1.  It's just been announced that the United States Navy has fired 50 or so cruise missiles at Syrian Air Force bases.  Good!  Obama's "red line" was a lie, and his idle posturing encouraged continued bloodshed in Syria, emboldened that Russians to intervene on Assad's behalf, and enabled Assad's recent use of sarin.  No more idle posturing, and let tyrants around the world take note.

2.  The Senate Republicans have ended the filibuster rule that required 60 votes for cloture; Gorsuch will be approved and join SCOTUS.  The Democrats brought this upon themelves; I hope Gorsuch is joined by more Constitutionalists before long, and I hope the Democrat Party never recovers.

3.  It's clear that Barack Obama and his administration used the national security apparatus to engage in political espionage against the Trump campaign, and very possibly against others.  I hope very much that before this is done, Susan Rice, Evelyn Farkas, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Obama himself are behind bars where they belong.  Put Lois Lerner in with them.

Re the the allegations that Trump is somehow in Putin's control, it's hard to understand how this could be.  For all his comments and semi-defenses of Putin as a strong leader (comments which I find outrageous), Trump's policies have been much less Putin-friendly than Obama's.  Advancing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, proposing a buildup of the U.S. military and increased NATO strength, adding Macedonia to NATO, and now attacking Assad... One would suppose that people would finally catch on that Trump's blathering is no more meaningful than Obama's; it's action that matters, and so far, Putin shouldn't see much to like in Trump.

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