Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Election of Trump: An Open Letter to the Left

Dear leftist voters, citizen and non-citizen alike,

I have never been so pleased by the outcome of a presidential election, and it's not because I think Trump is good.  Had Hilliary Clinton won, we'd be facing stacking of the Supreme Court by radical leftists, the reversal of Heller and Citizens United, the transition from Obamacare to a completely socialist government medical system, the destruction of America's energy industry, expansion of entitlements, "free" college education, the importation of hundreds of thousands of Syria and Iraqi muslims, and citizenship and Democrat voter registration bestowed on millions of illegal aliens.  The Bill of Rights would be a dead letter.  We'd lose free speech, freedom of religious belief and practice, freedom to defend ourselves from crime and tyranny, and much more.

We've escaped that deadly fate, at least for now.

Furthermore, the Republican Party retained control of both houses of Congress, and what's more, it expanded its domination at the state and local level, with governorships and state legislatures.  This election was stunning repudiation of the Democrat Party and you in the radical left that rule it.  Some observers have suggested that the Democrats will now have to learn they cannot disregard the normal Americans who have rejected them.  I don't count on it.  I think you in the radical left are incapable of this; it runs entirely contrary to your ideology and their mindset.  (If you're of the left but this doesn't apply to you, you can actually entertain the possibility that your ideological adversaries aren't evil, read on to the end, I'll address you, too.)

You are entirely opposed to dissent from your ideology; we see what you do on college campuses, you are totalitarians.  You don't tolerate free speech and freedom of thought, and you certainly don't tolerate losing elections.  You have so absorbed the lessons of Hilliary's intellectual mentor Saul Alinsky that you are incapable of responding rationally to ideas and people who do not follow your party line.  The Democrats have just experienced a catastrophic failure, but the Democrat Party has become an instrument of you in the radical left.  I don't believe you are at all capable of feeling humbled, of learning a lesson and jettisoning its hubris.  Instead, I expect you to go on a jihad.  You will try to destroy everything you can.  Your demonstrations and riots that immediately followed the election are telling, not because I expect riots to continue, but because you are a pack of dangerous, vicious, destructive totalitarians.  I've met many of you, especially academics in humanities.  I expect you will double down on your nastiness and demonization of your enemies.  You could prove me wrong, and I'd welcome that, but I know it won't happen.  You seek to destroy those who differ from you. To you, this is war.

OK, so be it.  You are probably right.  There can be no compromise between individual rights and the statist ideology of progressives and the left.  You are hate-filled and divisive. you are violent at heart.  You are irrational.  We could extend a hand and offer you a chance to return to sanity and live together with us in common respect, but I can imagine what you'd be doing if Clinton and your Democrats had won (see the first paragraph of this post).  So no hand is extended in peace to you.  But in consolation, at least "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies are happy to extend to you our middle fingers.

I'm not a fan of Trump, and I do notthink he'll be a good president, but you swine label everyone who opposes you, e.g. me, as stupid, racist, and worthless.  So to hell with you.  I'm glad Trump won, because he's not one of you.

Now, for those lefties who are not committed leftists, but simply don't understand and are reachable by reason, this is for you: start learning economics.  Start learning about natural rights and individual liberty.  Stop emoting. Entertain and contemplate the possibility that your opponents might have sensible arguments.

 And to "our" non-leftist readers, here's an excellent analysis from Lawrence Meyers of the hysteria the left is now experiencing.  He's right.  They have driven themselves mad.  Well, let them go mad.

Prof. Steele, are you familiar with the work of Jonathan Haidt? He is one of my favorite contemporary thinkers. His insight seems a necessary companion to economic explanations, particularly regarding currently difficult topics like globalism and trade.
No, I'm not familiar with his work except in the vaguest sense. I might look into his work. I do think that political differences stem from far more than differences in economic theories. I've believed this for a very long time, long before I started my graduate work, in fact.

I'll read the National Interest piece. What else do you recommend?
"The Righteous Mind," one of his books and one of the best I've read. A thick but relatively easy read.
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