Monday, July 11, 2016

The murders in Dallas, continued.

Here’s a quick followup to yesterday’s post on the murders of police officers in Dallas, the phony war on blacks that police are supposedly waging, and the varying political commentaries on all this.  Daily Caller  has a few particularly worthwhile pieces today. 

A Big Report Proving the Justice System is ‘Racist’ is AllNonsense” – Blake Neff.  ProPublica analyzed COMPAS, a software program that assesses the risk of recidivism among criminals, and claimed its analysis found the software to be systematically biased against blacks.  The software is used to help make sentencing and parole decisions.  Daily Caller’s analysis shows, rather clearly, that ProPublica actually found the software does not discriminate against blacks.  However, after demonstrating this, ProPublica proceeded to commit statistical fallacies and add completely unwarranted “spin” (dishonest misinterpretation) in order to salvage the bias charge.  This one is definitely worth your time, as DC shows clearly how simple it is to deceive by misinterpreting statistics.  See the Philly cheesesteak example.  I call this intentional dishonesty because anyone familiar with statistical analysis knows these things.

Are Black People Targeted By Police? Here’s What The DataSays” – Alex Pfeiffer. The answer?  No.  Forgive him for not realizing “data” is plural.

First Black Miss Alabama: Dallas Shooter Is A ‘Martyr’” – Blake Neff. You see, it’s acceptable to progressives and the MSM for a black woman to say it’s OK to want to kill white people and police.  That’s what political correctness and multiculturalism are about – weapons to be used selectively against political opponents.  The left doesn't really believe this stuff.

I addition, on Bearing Arms,Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee lambasts Obama for fanning the flames of violence by stirring up black racism.  The clip is worthwhile.  A highlight:

“He should say nothing. Every time he opens his mouth he fans the flames of anti-police sentiment that is sweeping the country in these urban centers. He reminds me of a pyromaniac who sets a fire, then calls 911 for the fire department, and then returns to the scene to watch the fire department try to put out the fire.

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