Friday, November 13, 2015

Islam in Paris

I had hoped to blog this evening, but have spent the evening listening to reports from Paris. I don't feel much like writing now. I'm horrified and disgusted, but not at all surprised. The events in Paris are horrific. They will be repeated, and we'll have them here, it's already too late to avert that. But I'm hoping that this terrible attack will wake people up, and we'll begin starting to fight back, before things get much worse... we'll have to do this despite and against our "leaders," but so be it. All the better, in fact. Let this be the end of multiculturalism, political correctness, and Islamophilia.

One other prediction -- after the jihadist attacks in Paris are finished and things settle down, numerous Muslim immigrants in France will say they don't feel any sympathy for the victims nor outrage over the attacks. Similarly, on American college campuses, leftist students will defend the attacks. I'm reminded of something President Al Sisi said... that Muslims should realize they are making themselves a threat and an object of fear for non-Muslims, and that they had better stop. Yes. These attackers, but also their supporters and anyone with sympathy for them, is an enemy of the civilized world. I predict that at some point the world will wake up and deal with them appropriately.

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