Friday, June 26, 2015


Let's take a break from our regular fare and focus on another subject dear to "our" hearts at Unforeseen Contingencies... running!

I've been training fairly hard, working to get back into shape for ultras (next up, the Elkhorn 50K on August 1).  Last year I started a new approach to training -- I mostly train for 5K races (a distance I had not done since 2006) and added my weekly long runs on top of that.  My idea is that this doesn't affect my total weekly distance, but does change the intensity of some of the running -- and my steady diet of ultras-only plus injuries had reduced my speed, such as it was, to less than a snail's pace.  Because of numerous interruptions to my training last year I wasn't able to test this training regimen, but this year I'm on track.  I doubt this will make me much faster at ultra distances, but I certainly think I am in better shape and am getting my speed back for short runs.

All of this is an introduction to the real point of my post.  On 18 July I will be running the 1st annual "Running Lungs" 5K in Bozeman Montana, a fundraiser for cancer research.  In 2008 a friend of mine, Linda Wortman, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It's worth noting that Linda had never smoked.  Apparently the cancer was rather fast developing, and Linda had to have half a lung removed.  Linda survived.

No scratch that, Linda thrived.  She took up up running (she was over 60 at that point, and while active and fit was a non-runner) and has subsequently run a 5K in every state.  She's now working towards completing a 10K on each continent, and has three so far (North America, South America, and Europe).  But also, Linda has established the Wortman Lung Cancer Foundation and is organizing and directing the Running Lungs 10K, 5K, 2K, and Virtual Run.  I'm doing the 5K (or maybe 10K if I feel the urge) and I invite all Unforeseen Contingencies readers to join me.

If you are or will be in Bozeman and run, I will buy you post-race beer, iced tea, or whatever else suits you.  Plus, you are welcome to camp out at my place.  Sign up!  But suppose you aren't in Bozeman...

Well, sign up for the Virtual RunJoin us anywhere on July 18 and run or walk your own course.  If you do this, I will again buy the beer etc. next time we meet -- or, if meeting is out of the question (a number of my readers are well outside North America) then I'll find a way to buy your drinks from a distance.  Just get me evidence that you signed up ($35 entry fee) and completed any distance.  Should I have a minimum distance, say, 1 meter? nah.  Just run!

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