Friday, August 16, 2013

Is NAACP mentally retarded?

That's the charitable explanation.  After rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling wore an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair Rodeo, NAACP has demanded that the Secret Service investigate this "threat" to Obama's safety, and that DoJ pursue a "hate crime" investigation.

According to NAACP, a rodeo clown wearing a mask constitutes a serious threat of violence against the president.  Either those who make up the NAACP leadership are astoundingly stupid, or -- the more likely explanation -- they are quite evil and vicious.  My guess is that it is that latter.  This is an example of the leftists posturing as anti-racists in order to destroy anyone and anything that challenges their rule, no matter how slightly.  Note that these liars claim it would be an outrage even if the president were "black, white, Hispanic, Latina*.."  Oh, really?  Then where were they when Bush 43 was repeatedly mocked and insulted by mask wearers?  Or for that matter, when a rodeo clown used a George H.W. Bush dummy as a target to distract a bull.  NAACP was silent.

They are liars and are simply trying to destroy anyone who even inadvertently casts the slightest shadow on Obama.  for the left, Obama is a deity.  He's god.  To challenge him is blasphemy.  Hence WaPo's take: this illustrates the nation's racial divide.  WaPo quotes a rancher in its story: "'I’ve got no respect for him,' said Virgil Henke, 65, a livestock farmer who explained his distaste for Obama with several falsehoods about his background: 'Why, he’s destroyed this country. How much freedom have we lost? I don’t care whether it’s a black man in office, but we have to have a true-blooded American. I think he is Muslim and trying to destroy the country, catering to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.'”

What falsehoods?  Clearly Obama is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama has certainly assaulted our freedom like no other president in history, and is pushing us towards a genuine dictatorship and police state.  Is Obama a Muslim?  Who knows?  The rancher posits this as a belief, not an established fact... and it's hardly one that has no supporting evidence.  But WaPo concludes it must simply be that any  criticism of Obama is evidence of racism.

The intellectual bankruptcy and dishonesty of the left -- as exhibited by NAACP and WaPo in this instance -- seems to know no bounds.  Mocking Obama is inherently racist, unlike mocking Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, or Romney.  Obama masks, unlike Reagan masks, Bush 41 masks, Bush 43 masks, Romney masks, etc. are inherently racist.

Never mind that Obama himself finds Obama masks amusing.

* (if "he" were "Latina?"  Maybe they really are mentally challenged).

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