Friday, August 16, 2013

August: slim posting

I've been extremely busy with a variety of things, and blogging is rather low on the list at this point.  I ran the Elkhorn 50K (best ultrarunning performance I've had in years, I believe it was my second best time at this distance ever, and on the second toughest course I've ever run, no less).  I've also attended a reunion of cousins on my mother's side (really quite enjoyable, included encounters with bears and single malt scotch), traveled with Johanna and my mom to Glacier Park (encounters with martinis and various wild animals, esp. Chaos) and also been working like a maniac trying to get ready for fall classes and finish a paper or miscellaneous activities.

I hope to get back into regular blogging action in September, and will try to get in an occasional post in the interrm.

Great post as usual Dr. Steele. Looking forward to resource economics next semester.
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