Monday, July 22, 2013

Bill Whittle on the lynching of George Zimmerman

The lynching of hero George Zimmerman... very powerful, very disturbing.

I have to say, this case is bringing out the delusional in the left like nothing else. Oprah said today that Emmett Till's murder and Trayvon's death were "the same thing." Uh, what? Till flirted with a woman and was brutally tortured. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and was shot by Zimmerman in self defense.

I've never seen a case in my lifetime that has been more discussed in the media - yet the discussions rarely revolve around the actual facts of the case! Instead we hear some alternate reality: what if Trayvon were white? What if he were Obama's kid, or Obama himself?!

If I were Zimmerman, I would be suing damn near every media persona for character defamation.
I believe Zimmerman does have a lawsuit underway, against NBC. He ought to sue NPR, Michigan Public Radio (I heard them declare him a murderer), Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the DoJ, the NAACP, and a host of related scoundrels.

The best response to Obama's "that could have been me umpteen years ago" was "Really? If so, then a pity it wasn't."

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Incidentally, after the verdict one of the assistant persecutors of Zimmerman said that Martin is another Medgar Evars.

Wow! Medgar Evars was a W.W. II veteran who led campaigns against racist laws, and was assassinated by the KKK. Martin was, so far as we can tell from the evidence, a drug abuser, a thug, very likely a burglar, who attacked a guy working on a neighborhood watch in an area plagued by burglaries. No one has ever suggested that Martin ever contributed anything at all to building a better society. Zimmerman comes closer to being another Medgar Evars.

There's the utter bankruptcy of the current "civil rights" movement for you.
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