Sunday, September 16, 2012

The PC war on the First Amendment

Here's further documentation of the astounding hypocrisy of the left-liberals on the blasphemy issue.

State Department legal advisor and former Dean of the Yale Law School Harold Koh endorses the idea of America criminalizing free speech when it transgresses selected foreign legal standards and provides a strategy for doing this.

Of course, the left-liberals are well-meaning, and see this as a way of protecting everyone, right?

No, that's very hard to believe.  This really seems to be about special treatment for Islam.

First, it is the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation -- an organization of 57 countries) that has been pushing, for years, to make blasphemy a crime in international law.  (See VII. 3.)

Second, where was the left-liberal outrage over a CBC "Christmas Special" that cast porn star Pamela Anderson as Virgin Mary and made a comedy of the birth of Jesus?

How about outrage over the mocking of quarterback Tim Tebow and his Christianity?  (Well, admittedly NYT went so far as to ponder whether one could do this with a one of its minor blogs, not the main paper, of course.)

It's not that Christians don't know about these things, it's that -- unlike Muslims -- they don't murder people and burn embassies when they hear of them.  (This last link also discusses the desecration of a Christian church by members of the "Occupy" movement.)

Of course, this is nothing compared to what the Jews put up with.  The following video is excerpted from an Arabic TV show (aired in Jordan I believe, perhaps elsewhere) about Judaism showing Jews slitting the throat of a Christian child in order to get blood for their Passover celebration.  (Thanks for the tip, Nat.)  What happened the OIC's opposition to defamation of religion, or left-liberal PC outrage over "hate speech?"  There is none.

I can tell you what the leftist answer to your questions will be: all those affronts to Judaism and Christianity were not nearly as bad as those ones against Islam simply because Muslims are far easier to offend. In other words, the measure of the offensiveness of an act is not measured by the act itself but by the response it elicits (that's actually true).

Thus, to offend Muslims is wrong precisely because they are offended so easily; to offend other religions is OK because they don't mind it that much.

In other words, we should let Muslims decide for us what we can and cannot say. It's the only fair thing to do.
You are exactly right.
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