Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Even more on the Hamas flotilla

This news, at least, seems not to have been suppressed. The Turkish organization behind the Hamas flotilla is connected with Islamic terrorism.

It's important to understand that this flotilla effort is not about relieving human suffering -- it is about opening Gaza so that weapons can be shipped in.

"Free Gaza" calls for an end to Israeli occupation. Since Israel does not occupy Gaza, what can they mean other than the Israeli occupation of Israel?

Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in 2005. In Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006, Hamas came to power. Hamas then staged a 2007 coup and ejected the Fatah government from Gaza. Since then, Hamas has purged Fatah supporters by violence.

Hamas turned Gaza into a firebase from which thousands of missiles have been fired into Israel, mostly at civilian targets.

It is only after these events that Israel imposed its embargo (which is also imposed by Egypt).

In June 2007 Hamas also entered Israel and kidnapped an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. He has been held hostage since then. Repeated requests by the Red Cross to visit him have been denied by Hamas.

Hamas is a band of murdering thugs, at war with Israel and working towards imposing their brand of Islam on whomever they can. Their supporters in "Free Gaza" and IHH are actively working to make it possible for them to get heavy weapons. They had better be stopped.

No one, really NO ONE sane of mind can defend this expedition. What is more troubling; some Az. I know, actually smart people, hard core Libertarians do compare Israel to Al Qaeda...I mean...say no more...NV
Nat, I'm beside myself. This seems so obvious if you look beyond the news media propaganda.

I know you think I'm nuts for my earlier posts about Obama leading us to fascism -- but what is happening here, in many different dimensions, seems impossible. The U.S. is agreeing to the NPT conference on a nuclear free middle east, where the "rogue state" Israel will be the main topic of discussion. No one seems to care at all about North Korea-Iran-Syria. Insanity is the norm.
Who are the libertarians you're talking about?

(Also, what is Az? All that comes to mind are Azerbaijan and Arizona.)
I meant Azeri. A friend who is a sensitive and otherwise bright mind, not anti-Semitic at all, says things such as: "Al Qaeda and Israel are the same thing." I mean, at that level, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out where the problem lies.
Re: our common friend, I tell you, we will n e v e r make him change his mind. Il est têtu comme un Teuton. NV
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