Friday, June 04, 2010

America the Uninformed

I'm increasingly of the belief that America's "news media" do not report the news, but rather create stories, often fictional, in the interests of serving particular clients or patrons. This isn't something I often mention, since it smacks of conspiracy theory and is usually hard to really document.

Usually, but not always...

The British Medical Journal and the Council of Europe both just issued reports documenting that WHO intentionally grossly exaggerated the H1N1 threat, and that the WHO officials who did it are in the pay of pharmaceutical companies that produce H1N1 vaccine.

My source? Al Jazeera English Edition.

Since I'd not heard this elsewhere, I checked the stories reported on Yahoo News -- no mention. So I searched Yahoo News for H1N1 and found a host of new stories reporting that WHO is warning that the pandemic is continuing. This Reuters story is typical. Note there's no mention of the charges from the British Medical Journal and Council of Europe, and the story itself is almost devoid of news content. It simply reminds us to be frightened of what might happen with H1N1.

Of course, maybe Al Jazeera is wrong -- so to be sure I checked the Council of Europe website and found the news release (on a secure webpage, mysteriously).

For some reason, the charge that the WHO intentionally created the H1N1 panic (this is what the Council of Europe report alleges) isn't newsworthy in the United States. However, the continued WHO warnings that we are not out of the woods yet with the "pandemic" is newsworthy.

Over the next days I'm going to document some other news that "isn't newsworthy." If readers wonder whether I've gone crazy when I talking about sinister stuff no one has ever heard of, keep this example of media dishonesty in mind.

I doubt they did it without full support and funding from the international pharmaceutical industry.

Just the free market (LMFAO) at work. Nothing to see here.

The sheep are focused on something else right now.
I think you are right, Ducky. Assuming the BMJ and CoE reports are true, it's quite clear that the pharmaceutical industry originated this scam.

But you should note that this isn't the free market at work. Private is not equivalent to free market. The free market is based on individual rights and honest contracting; if someone commits fraud, government ought to stop them, and would do so in a free market.

Что делать?

Heinlein convinced me that lashes are in order. But I gather you are a progressive, and hence would prefer a re-education camp for them. OK, let's not quibble over fine points -- torture is torture after all.
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