Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unforeseen Contingencies announces New UC Contest!

As part of its crusade for government fiscal responsibility, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation is sponsoring a Fiscal Haiku contest. There are some great submissions so far. Two examples:

use dollars and sense
to make your way in this life
ask same from leaders

Michael S.


Loan is called, bubble burst
Must work for dinner now, we
Ate our dessert first.

Mary F.

Very fine stuff... but haiku is a bit highbrow for "our" tastes here at UC. And so it is with great pleasure that "we" announce a new contest, The Unforeseen Contingencies Fiscal Limerick Contest.

Contest rules: Everyone is eligible to submit limericks, including the sponsors and judges and all "their" friends and family. All limericks remain property of the submitter, but UC will post them anywhere it chooses regardless. Submissions should be emailed to steele_econ[at] Include hyperlinks for data sources, citation, etc. as warranted. The deadline for submission is 23:59:59 Mountain Standard Time (U.S.) on 28 February. No haiku allowed, send these to PGPF. All decisions of judges are final, unless they change their minds. A prize will be awarded to the first place winner!

Since I am eligible to enter, here's the first entry:

Tim Geithner drops down to his knees,
And begs of our creditors "Please,
continue your lending,
Someday we'll stop spending."
But sadly, they just speak Chinese.

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