Saturday, January 02, 2010

Greetings from the Meetings!

and Happy New Year!

the 2010 AEA/ASSA Annual Meetings, that is.

I’m in Atlanta for the 2010 conferences of the American Economic Association and Allied Social Sciences Association, and preparing for three days of econ fun: lots of sessions devoted to the Great Recession, and lots more devoted to wondering why economists got it wrong, plus numerous sessions on health care economics, and all the other usual and unusual areas. How about this for a session: "Entrepreneurship in Medieval China, Early Muslim Societies, and the Dutch Republic: Economies with Extraordinary Creativity that did not Last - lessons for the U.S." with NYU’s William Baumol presiding.

Unfortunately it conflicts with "Why Did Economists Not Predict the Crisis?" featuring Paul Krugman, Raghuram Rajan, Tom Sargent, and Robert Shiller, Dani Rodrik refereeing (I think it’s a tag team match.) Which to attend will be a tough call.

I’ll be up early tomorrow to try to get a question to Ben Bernanke when he speaks, and the fun will just go on from there!

Baumol is still alive?

I had him as an undergrad at NYU and he was already mostly incoherent then. He also taught his Micro class as a typical Keynesian would, so... I wonder what he'd have to say that'd be worth listening to.
Believe it or not 1. he's alive, and 2. he's been a major proponent of analysis of entrepreneurship in economics. His microeconomic work tends to be quite interesting.

But I believe that his work won't be presented, he's simply the session organizer.

Thanks for your comment.
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