Sunday, December 06, 2009

Honduras, encore

Great news! It appears that Honduras might yet win in its struggle to keep the United States and OAS from imposing Manuel Zelaya on the country.

Exactly why so many foreign powers, beginning with the U.S., want to impose Zelaya has never been clear to me. The usual claim is that he was victim of an illegal coup d'ètat, but that claim has been thoroughly disproven. In particular, the U.S. Government's own study carefully examines the issues and finds that Zelaya's removal from office was completely constitutional and legal. (Read the, it's quite good!) While NWO theories would account for international support for ex-president Z., a kneejerk reaction driven by ignorance and kept alive by path dependence seems at least as plausible.

Well, UC salutations to those Hondurans who are holding the line against Chavez-ism and international pressure. They may well succeed, and the Western Hemisphere will be safer for it. We thank them!


Honduran flag gif courtesy of Wilson Free Gifs & Animations. I'm hoping this flag will have fewer readers trying to storm UC's Bastille than the previous one we flew did.

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