Saturday, May 30, 2009

People's Daily read by artificial girl

Something interesting & odd -- People's Daily Online now offers, for some of its stories, audio service in which a computer-generated woman's voice "reads" aloud the accompanying article.

For an example, try this one on the possibility of Indonesia mediating between the two Koreas. If war erupts with the North, it will be very strange to hear it discussed in oddly emotionless tones.

I'll enjoy the service even more when they add a functioning avatar for her.

(Regular link to People's Daily available on UC NEWS links.)

Our little daily newspaper is preparing a web version with this feature too. I've been testing it out lately looking for bugs -- it has problems with quotation marks and conjunctions.
Great! Don't let the Chinese get ahead of us!

I foresee interactive news, in which we can ask an online "newscaster" particular questions about stories & get answers.

(Good to hear from you, Tony.)
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