Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Thank You to Tom DiLorenzo

"We" here at Unforeseen Contingencies have never felt we get quite the recognition we deserve. Hence we’d particularly like to thank Thomas DiLorenzo of the Mises Institute for his recent post mentioning us on the LewRockwell.Com blog. I only regret he didn’t include a link to UC; he’s surely welcome to do so.

Anyway, thanks Tom D!

(Thanks also to Tom P. as well.)

le jour de gloire est arrivée, now tell me, do you drive a Maybach? NV.
oops...please read: "arrivé" NV
My pretensions to "cosmopolitanism" exposed; I never even heard of a Maybach until now.

Living in one of these would be several steps up over any house I've lived in -- fully reclining seats with built-in massagers indeed!

But where do you put the dog, gunrack, skis, and backpacks?
Charles, you leave them in your Swiss chalet, of course. NV
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