Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A word about dictators

I want to express admiration for the Pakistanis protesting for freedom, rule of law, and democracy. It's telling that the dictator Musharraf, citing the dangers of Islamic extremism, has attacked the Supreme Court for trying to enforce the Constitution, lawyers, journalists, rights activists, and everyone else working for freedom. The dictator must go.

United Russia proposes a special status for Putin, that of"National Leader." Unforeseen Contingencies fully endorses this: Der Führer is exactly the right title for him.

Saakashvili should take warni...although the irony is that he's insisting, in the face of opposition, on holding elections as planned.

12 November 2007 -- after listening the reports of Georgian spetsnaz raiding opposition news media, we at UC now officially add Mikheil Saakashvili to our list of dictators. Moving up the date of elections doesn't help his case.

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