Thursday, November 15, 2007

The UC Hat

The previous post references the Unforeseen Contingencies hat. Well, here it is.


The first reader who can identify it and contact us here at UC wins... umm, first prize.

Herr Professor, let me first see what kind of prize I can win, and I will decide if I give you the right answer. NV
alright: Cossack "hat" - Kuban Host. Nathalie I. VOGEL
Winner is officially declared! Nathalie Vogel

Whether it actually should be called a hat is perhaps debatable, but I came across it accidentally when looking for something else. I'm unclear why there should be a free-use .gif file of a Kuban Cossack hat/shopka on the net when I can't find data that strike me as fairly basic. But it is nice to know it's there.

Prize... umm... OK, I am putting the UC Public Relations Dept. to work on this task!
You people have no idea what you're looking at. That "hat" is in fact the wee button nose of the Siberian Koala bear. These animals are very rare because A.) The Uzbeks ate most of them, and B.) They don't actually exist.
"I'm unclear why there should be a free-use .gif file of a Kuban Cossack hat/shopka on the net..."
I hate to be the one to tell you, but there must be a giant Neo-cossack conspiracy going on, Charles. These Cossacks are e-ve-ry-whe-re, it is a real invasion.Une vraie peste! and they're using subliminal messages...the next thing you know, you'll be teaching economics with one of these funny hats on ;-) NV

You should not reveal conspiracy secrets on this blog. Eevn though I did post the Homeland Pledge to allay Michael Chertoff's suspicions, I can't guarantee NSA doesn't monitor this (or maybe EPA, looking for Siberian Koala poachers).

Regardless, your point is well taken. This hat style, or one similar, should become the official hat of the world economists' conspiracy.

I'll make my students wear them, for a start.
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