Friday, September 08, 2006

Muslims Commemorate September 11

In commemoration of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism has just released a television spot, “Liars.” The video can be downloaded for free from their website, and is worth watching.

In the press release announcing the spot, the FMC notes: “We [feel] that the current war on terror is an ideological battle and only good Muslims can win this battle.

We [know] that Islam is a great religion and that extremism is a result of an ideology called "political Islam" or "islamofascism" as others call it. The basis of this ideology is the rejection of the secular state and the utopian (delusional) ideology that religion and politics must be one and the same.

As to fighting terrorism, we [do] not wait for others to do the correct thing and we [take] it upon ourselves to lay the foundation for defeating Bin Laden and others.”

More power to these good people in their battle (our battle) for freedom and peace.

(The video requires Apple Quicktime, also available as a free download.)


I applaud the FMCAT effort, but is it possible for them to have a big or any influence over or with the masses in the greater Muslim world?

In my observation, there is something like a Muslim nationalists sentiment that is trumping liberty. Most Muslims despise the concept of freedom because it is seen as a depraved philosophy. I think the notion to give women equal citizenship is seen as an outrage.

Freedom loving Muslims are displaying their love for liberty by migrating to lands of freedom. I don't see how liberty, constitutional representation, or liberal democracy can take root when the supporters for it vacate the region.
Thanks for your comment.

What's your source for "Most Muslims despise the concept of freedom because it is seen as a depraved philosophy?" I think it is false.

And yes, the FMC approach can work; it has to be sufficiently big, but every step in the right direction counts. Programs such as Cato's Jack Byrne project are also steps in the right direction.

At one time Christians were largely anti-freedom as well, recognizing the absolute authority of the Church (and its Inquisition) plus the divine right of kings; just as Christians could adapt their religion to be more liberal, so can Muslims.

And what's the alternative? Give up? Those who say "Muslims can't change" never seem to suggest any alternative, leaving me to wonder if the unspoken alternative is war of annihilation.
This is an old post, but the topic doesn't grow old. I just heard a BBC interview with a number of Muslims outside a mosque in Pakistan who were talking about why they hate the U.S. They went nuts when asked if it's because of America's freedom. "No, it's not your freedom, we admire your freedom. It's your hypocrisy."
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