Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Cartoon News

In response to the Danish cartoons, an Iranian newspaper announced a holocaust cartoon contest.

In response to the Iranian holocaust cartoon contest, an Israeli professional cartoonist has announced an anti-Semitic cartoon contest. I find the site amusing (of course, I may be the only person in the world to have publicly confessed to finding the Danish cartoons amusing, too).

I guess this is a real contest, so maybe we'll have another set of politically incorrect cartoons soon. I long for the day when torture is treated as more outrageous than are non-pc cartoons.


" I long for the day when torture is treated as more outrageous than are non-pc cartoons."

I second this. It is puzzling that a cartoon can cause all hell to break loose and at the same time simply dismiss gross human rights violations. Not only the torture of the insurgents, but every day brutally of Muslims by other Muslims.

When Muslims violate, beat, or kill other Muslims for trivial violations of religious code. It is sometimes excused as just punishment according to their law or this is how we do things in our culture. I am flabbergasted by this.

The absurd level of violence and insightful rhetoric behind the cartoon ordeal makes me conclude that there is a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West.
Anon -- there's a disconnect in your logic. In paragraph 3 you correctly point out how some Muslims attack other Muslims, which clearly (and correctly) makes the point that the Islamic world is divided.

In paragraph 4 you jump to a grand clash of civilizations, with a monolithic Islam as one contender. Your conclusion does not follow from your own argument.

It's important to note a few things: 1. There's very strong evidence that the cartoon controversy has been intentionally stirred up by some bad governments (e.g. in Iran and Syria) for their own purposes, and also by radical Muslim clerics, again for their own purposes.

2. Most Muslims are not rioting, not even demonstrating, and numerous important Muslim clerics have insisted that there should be no violence. In short, most Muslims are behaving properly in this matter. This makes for a lousy news story, so Fox News doesn't cover it, although NPR (which doesn't mind boring its listeners) covers it...just a little.

3. From points 1 & 2 it's unreasonable to conclude that this affair illustrates a clash of civilzations between Islam and the West. Between Radical Fundamentalist Islam and the West, maybe...but that is a quite different proposition with quite differnet implications.
The cartoons are posted on the site.

Winners to be announced any day now.
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