Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Missing Libertarian Returns...ALIVE!... to expose Bush and Co.

My recent hiatus is over. Blogging resumes, with no further interruptions nor excuses.

New Orleans: My question is how much longer the Bush administration's facade of competence will last. FEMA Director Michael "security in New Orleans is pretty darn good" Brown, Dept Homeland Security Secretary Michael "no one ever guessed the city would flood" Chertoff are two fine examples of the utter incompetence and mendacity of this administration.

Anyone paying attention to the news knew that New Orleans had a major breakdown in law enforcement (as well as as that there were thousands of people trapped in the Superdome with no supplies, something else Brown claimed he didn't know). And anyone paying attention to coverage of last year's hurricane season had ample opportunity to hear detailed descriptions from analysts of what would happen to New Orleans should class 4 or 5 hurricane strike -- predictions that were exactly on target.

George Bush continues to play CYA while people on the Gulf Coast continue to suffer and die. How much longer will W's supporters keep choking down his spin? How much reality does it take to separate a true believer from his illusory faith?

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